Alternative Stategies Temporary Space Leeds

From the 16th till the 31st of March 2011, a huge, previously unused space on the top floor of the light in Leeds city centre, played host to a series of open discussions, screenings and workshops which stemmed from the desire to look creatively, critically and productively at different ways of approaching self organised education and methods for building on and disseminating knowledge. From positions within and alongside the institution to engagements which seek to adapt and reform, and those which function completely outside the dominant model.

Alternative Strategies endeavored to facilitate encounters and conversations which may help to find ways of empowering individuals and communities to engage with groups and activities which are attuned to their interests and beliefs, and to shape there own experiences of living and learning.

Notes from each of the programed discussions are available via the links down the right of this page. With links to many of the participating groups own blogs or websites.

Individuals and groups Involved:
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Alternative Art College, Lincoln

Black Dogs, Leeds
Cafe Scientifique, Leeds
Creative Services, Edinburgh
Cuts Cafe, Leeds
Derek Horton, Leeds
Derive, Manchester
Ely Art School, Edinburgh
Full Unemployment Cinema, London
Islington Mill, Manchester
The juice magazine, Leeds
Laurie Macpherson, Edinburgh
Leeds Salon
Leeds Student Newspaper
Line Magazine, Edinburgh
Millpond, Leeds
Really Open University, Leeds
Sara Gonzales, Leeds
Slice, Leeds
Strategies For A Free Education. Liverpool, Sheffield, London

Together for Peace, Leeds

We Apologise if there are any participants who are missing from the list.