LINE provides a critical body that reflects the multifaceted and fractured state of contemporary artistic practice in an equally multifarious programme. In addition to the magazine, LINE hosts a series of live performance events, exhibitions, discussion groups, artist commissions and a shifting co-editorial programme that selects new themes for critical focus. Considering the range of socio-political and cultural topics explored within contemporaneous practice and the many outlets for artistic and ideological
dissemination, the need for a critical counterpart with equal diversity of topic and engagement is easily justifiable.

Although not anti-establishment in its ideology, LINE has distanced itself from the institution. Financial sustainment is granted by LINE’s diverse programme, whilst the education it offers its members remains dislocated from the didactic agendas of governmental bodies. LINE is versing the art world’s rising and risen talent in strategic thinking through providing forums to question established professional routes and by encouraging an ‘insider’ understanding that allows participants to make more informed and politically conscientious decisions. Members of LINE forge their own critical alternatives and topics of focus, in an attempt to instigate real innovation and change.

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